Keystone Cabinetry Inc.

Keystone Design Process
Step 1: Professional Design Services - Conceptual Phase

We begin with an in depth consultation on appliance choices, plumbing fixtures, material options, lifestyle needs and aesthetic preferences.

Step 2: Professional Design Services - Budget Revisited

Once a well conceived floor plan concept is selected, we re-price your project, making revisions to both budget and design concept, keeping the kitchen that you love from costing more than you can live with.

Step 3: Professional Design Services - Detailed Plans

During this phase of design, making sure the woodworking details of your project blend seamlessly with the architectural details of your entire home. We personally prepare all the design plans for your final approval. These include floor plans, elevations, moulding details and mechanical locations for appliance and undercabinet lighting requirements.

Step 4: Samples Prepared

Prepares wood, door and molding samples for your approval.

Step 5: Fabrication (CNC) & Carving
A strict construction schedule is set before we hand select your materials. You're welcome to visit the shop while your project is being constructed.
Step 6: Project Managements

In order to make sure installation proceeds smoothly, we coordinate with your contractor and/or design team. We make sure all the mechanical requirements for appliances and under-cabinet lighting are in the proper place, as well as coordinating our schedule with your contractor.

Step 7: Finishing

We conduct all of our cabinet finishing in house. In addition to our furniture finishes, whether for old-world furniture or the latest kitchen cabinet color trends, we always remain up-to-date on eco-friendly products and application methods, addressing all our concerns for green design in furniture, environmental issues, allergens and long-term maintenance of the finishes.

Step 8: Installation

Because our cabinetry is custom-fitted, we install our product finished. This also allows for tighter joints on all the moldings, a seamless appearance on painted wood frames and a true furniture quality appearance.   On the last day of installation and touch-ups, we request for all hardware to be on-site for installation.


Keystone Design Process

Getting Started With Us....

Contact Us for a Preliminary Consultation.
Call us at 818.565.3330 or email us directly at to schedule a preliminary meeting.

Preliminary Consultation at No Charge....

Whether meeting on your project or welcomed to our showroom, we attempt to establish direction by getting to know the details:

  • First, show us what inspires you. Surrender your ideas, magazine clippings and a description of your "ideal" treasure.
  • Secondly, a kitchen or any room is dominated by the style selection chosen.  Visiting our design studio in Beverly Hills or Burbank provides our clients with a sampling of our work and design library.  These valuable resources are provided to expose clients to the range of options available to defining their personal spaces.
  • Thirdly, browse our showroom collection of high-end appliances.  Our selections of various appliance brands reflect the current products held above industry standard due to their sleek looks, confident design and effortless utility.  Design kitchens with experienced professionals affords the opportunity to elevate a kitchen’s balance between appearance and use.
  • Next, we'll discuss costs & create a general budget plan.
  • Finally, expand your horizon and explore our design library. This helps affirm our quality & varying designs as a suitable match to your project.

Design Retainer
When you're ready to initiate the process, we require a design retainer. Once the designs are client-approved, a security deposit is required to commit the project into our production schedule. Thereafter, clients & construction managers are updated regularly.


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