Keystone Cabinetry Inc.

3D Textured Panels

Textured Panels

Our line of custom textured panels provide a 3rd dimensional surface to create an intriguing design for any interior space.  The surface patterns can be personalized by sculpting the design to a client’s preference for direction, depth and dimension without sacrificing a seamless connection between panel parts.  Composed of a high density fiberboard of recycled sustainable wood sources, the sleek feel of the panels is further enhanced by its durability and various uses of applications.  Our clients can be provided unfinished panels that can be easily installed on-site flawlessly and finished to fit the space to any desired height or width.  Custom finishes are also available once a color palette is presented.  Panels are provide in 4’x8’ panels that can be used for endless interior options from wall coverings, fireplace surrounds, room dividers, accent surfaces, and can also be integrated into custom cabinetry.  As these stand as a few possible applications, this truly unique surface provides our client the opportunity to create an individually sincere expression of thoughtful design & taste within their most personal confines. Overall, the unique nature of our custom panels will surely add depth and character as a unique feature to any space.


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