Keystone Cabinetry Inc.


Compound of Natural Quartz with
Bacteriostatic Protection

Attractive Quartz-Based Fabricated Stone with Greater Strength & Wear Resistance

High Performance, Large Format,
Slim Porcelain

In quartz products, Clients gain an invaluable mix of manmade materials and real stone.  It is considered a solid surface material which is non-porous and low maintenance.  With the hardness and beauty of real stone, you can gain the consistency and durability of manmade products to create the best of both worlds. 
With the ability to be seamless in nature and available in a range of attractive colors, Clients grow further impressed with the surface’s ability to be impervious to bacteria & staining.  In the end, quartz’s low maintenance, high durability and endless color choices fuel current industry trends and the surface of choice in high traffic areas.




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